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Designing a Performance Based Rewards System

In today’s business environment, many companies are struggling over the question of how to reward performance ignoring the fact that wages continue to grow annually and is this reflective of the employee’s performance. The future of Work baffles every one of us. Will there be a need for performance measurement? How do we define primary and shared responsibilities in a world of teamwork and success? How can we be sure that we are not paying too much or too little and have a hard time trying to keep our employee sustainability in performance.

Employees in the millennial generation prefer choices in deciding rewards, benefits, working hours, and how are employers keeping pace with these genuine desires? With more generation of information, the internet of things, the pace of work has change, the work environment has change, but have we change to keep pace with these dynamic challenges? Human Resource sustainability is a difficult question to satisfy yet it is a compelling one. This workshop is to challenge employers, HR professionals and SMEs, given the scenario, how can we overcome these keep the P&L yet satisfying employees’ expectations.

By the end of this interactive course, the attendees will be able to:

  • To understand the meaning of Performance management, the structure and purpose.
  • To appreciate Team based reward system and how it works vs individual rewards system.
  • To design results driven system to accompany with the performance payments.
  • To review how to move traditional structured benefits into a Flexi Benefit scheme.
  • Develop an existing company / division / department;
  • Align all activity to focus on the strategic goals and not be distracted by less important issues.
  • Applying strategic perspectives on performance management and employee compensation in business organizations
  • Illustrating the planning process of employee appraisals with emphasis on diagnosing performance problems and identifying appropriate strategies and solutions
    • HR Managers, Business Leaders, and aspiring HR professionals who want to understand more about designing an effective performance driven system and distribution of rewards and the use of flexi benefits to motivate and retain good employees.
    • Strategic thinking
    • Performance management
    • Results orientation
    • Data analysis
    • Critical thinking
    • Job/Role Analysis
    • Performance Metrics

    Attendence Certification from QEATI

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