AMA - Accredited Management Accountant®

AMA - Accredited Management Accountant®

Management accountants are as much in demand today as they have ever been: the need to understand and be able to record, analyse and control cost based data and information is a skill that must be developed.
In the era of affordable hardware and software and the ever increasing power of the internet, developing the skills needed to manage cost data and information can be achieved both in a cost effective way in a course such as this one.
This practical, highly interactive program will provide you with the necessary skills and techniques to successfully classify, record, analyse and report the cost contribution to your company’s performance.

Benefits of the Certification:

  • Successful completion of this course makes you a AMA Accredited Management Accountant ®
  • You can use the designation AMA® on your business card and resume
  • Up to 22 month’s membership to the GAFM® professional body
  • Access to the GAFM ® network and body of information online
  • Preferred access to education centers in USA, UK, Europe, Asia, Middle East and Latin America
  • Access to the GAFM ® journal published online
  • Gold Embossed Certificate with your name and designation as MGAFM (Member of the Global Academy of Finance and Management)

By attending this course the added benefits you will be able to:

  • Classify and record financial data
  • Enhance your cost recording, cost control and cost management processes
  • Identify the most appropriate ways in which to calculate costs according to the nature of your business processes
  • Determine your organisation’s profitability at the product, channel and corporate levels
  • Plan for future investments and expansion
  • Supply cost information for use in pricing decision making
  • Identify, analyse and predict cost behaviour and using such analysis in cost volume profit settings
  • Implement new strategies to improve your corporate performance measurement

This highly practical course has been specifically designed for:

  • Financial Controllers/Analysts/Planners
  • Accountants/Financial Assistants
  • Finance Managers/Directors
  • Cash Flow Managers
  • Budget Accountants/Officers/Analysts
  • Accounts Managers
  • Budgeting and Planning Managers/ Controllers
  • Credit Managers
  • PLUS, any finance professional who has an interest in controlling costs and cash flow

After successful completion of the course, participant will get
a Professional Certification Accredited by
The Global Academy of Finance and Management (GAFM®) - USA

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